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RealEstateDigitalSales.com SaaS (Software as a Service) provides an automated service for DIY FSBO Role Players.

REDS SaaS is the strong right arm of the FSBO/Role Players Empowerment SaaS, enabling a Commission Saving Connect Direct experience.


Real Estate Snapshot

Global Real Estate values hit $217 Trillion in 2015,

or 2.7 times World GDP.

"The real revolution has just started and we will see explosive growth. Like in so many industries, change for real estate professionals is not always bad. These changes will produce more transactions because the process will become easier, and those who embrace these changes will win. Most importantly, the consumer will win because they will have more transparency and control."

Jarred Kessler -  Forbes

"Ever wonder what a realtor does to deserve a disproportionately expensive 4%–6% commission on the sale of your home? They claim to offer unlimited exposure and transaction expertise and to act as an irreplaceable mediator in the negotiation process. In reality, what they provide is little more than a concierge tour service to show your home, and is that really worth $20,000 on the sale of a $400,000 home? In Death of the Real Estate Salesman, Jarred Kessler describes how advances in technology have rendered the traditional role of the real estate agent meaningless. He describes how emerging Internet-based tools will enable homeowners and prospective buyers to find each other with zero commitment, zero uncertainty, and zero realtor involvement. Buyers will be able to find their dream home more readily with less distrust in the process, and sellers will reap the financial rewards of not losing tens of thousands of dollars to a realtor with a competing agenda."

Jarred Kessler is the CEO of EasyKnock and author of

Death of a Real Estate Salesman.

By Empowering Property Sellers, Buyers, Renters, and related Service Providers with a platform to Connect Direct, all Real Estate Role Players will Profit from this Inevitable Cataclysmic Shift!

We are NOT Real Estate Agents!

We do not handle contracts

We do not negotiate deals

We ARE Modern Internet Marketers!

The Real Estate Digital Sales vision is to empower real estate related role players, service providers, advertisers, and affiliates throughout the world: to prospect and market properties and services, and to “Connect Direct” for business online using creative technologies. REDS has created both an online marketplace through our Real Estate Digital Sales SaaS which contains lots of cool features, functions, bells and whistles, and is coupled with our Social Media Marketing platform through this CMS Blog GoRedsToday to assist all role players in this endeavor.

REDS is combining all of these components in a seamless and simplified system using the KISS Principle: Keep It Super Simple, Empowering the seller, to Keep ALL the Profit in Their Pockets! Supported by an army of prospecting affiliates working from their respective and familiar local marketing areas from anywhere and everywhere in the world, driving clients and traffic to REDS and the related sister site GoRedsToday through branded REDS social media pages and other means. Imagine, hundreds (or thousands) of REDSaffiliate Social Media pages promoting the REDS brand in their local areas, across the world? This is where you come in! This is where you shake hands with the 1,000's of prospects waiting for You!

The REDS SaaS Web App Creator is designed as an editable template where all front-end features; texts, copy, videos, and graphics can be changed at will, the advantage of updating the site at any time, and keeping it always fresh in the mind of the users.

REDS also Offers Role Players

The Power to Video Market!

Role Players as well as Professional

Video Content Creators are EMPOWERED!

Real Estate Digital Sales is a uniquely fresh Mobile Marketing Machine!

Included in the SaaS (Software as a Service) are...

  • Other Competitive Advantages that REDS offers are an affordable low cost service, non-commission based easy to use SaaS online service, packed with DIY functions, and priced at a point that the prospective purchaser of the service can use it as either a stand alone, or as an add-on service.
  • Logical easy to use Role Player dashboard to manage their listings, and they can add as many listings as they want.
  • Easy listing and Personal Web App creation, with a dozen RED DOORS marketing support services.
  • Automated QR Code and Short URL creation when the Web App is generated.
  • Drag and drop sticker and sign creation in jpg format for print and in SVG format for signs, to avoid pixel-ation expansion chaos, and simplicity of sign creation by the sign maker.
  • Numerous choices of sticker and sign styles for QR Code embed creation.
  • Automated New Social Media Cross Marketing campaigns coupled with article writing services to send fresh signals to the search bots crawling the web.
  • Video Marketing, Essential Documentation, Contact lock/unlock options.
  • Easy interlinking to legal assistance, and real estate role player support services, all through the SaaS.
  • Email, SMS, Automated signalling, and Video Marketing to be built in to drive traffic and sales.
  • Any suitable 3rd Party Plug and Play software that will assist all role players to fast track their efforts.
  • More will be built, in due course. Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto Assets, Online Conferencing, SMS and Web Chat, and any new technology that is suitable to this business

We offer a FREE Listing and FREE Web App (with limitations), as well as Premium Services for reasonable fees - less than $1 per day, and in return we are always endeavoring to enhance the technological bells and whistles to empower YOU, the REAL SELLER, and help you to Keep All The Profit In Your Pocket!

Get Smart.

Go Real Estate Digital Sales!

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