Real Estate – I’m Dreaming of REDS

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Real Estate - I'm Dreaming of REDS

Real Estate - I'm Dreaming of REDS

By Harry Connor Jr

Real Estate - REDS is a startup Real Estate Role Player Marketplace SaaS currently being developed to go global (focuses on local non agent entrepreneurs/affiliates), that connects directly all R/E roles and services in a FSBO "Empowerment" SaaS environment. Start dreaming of REDS!

"Imagine, if you will" an online marketplace devoid of middlemen, of brokers, of agents, and interference from third party voices. Absent of smooth talking, often double talking ticks with tricks, whose only desire is to attach themselves to you through contracts, to control you and lift from your pocket a percentage of that hard earned profit that comes from the sale of your property, and suck from you the energy that it represents. Can you imagine? Is it possible? Come with me on a journey to another dimension, of substance, of things and ideas, where EMPOWERMENT, is the key word to your freedom.

In today's digital world, business managers with half a brain are smart enough to know that they must be online, and have made their services available through their web portal to assist you. REDS SaaS does exactly that by acting as your real estate business manager through the REDS SaaS Web App Creator.

The REDS SaaS Web App Creator is designed as an editable template where all front-end features; texts, copy, videos, and graphics can be changed at will, giving you the distinct advantage of updating your site at any time, and keeping it always fresh in the mind of the buyers. That's EMPOWERMENT!

Once you have created your web app by simply inserting information into the fields, and uploading photos, and/or linking to any videos you may create, you can then select a FREE sticker or sign design that you can download and send to the signmaker of your choice, printer, or simply stick that sticker on any generic sign that is readily available from most hardware stores. Add pictures of your property and even a phone number if you like! How easy is that?

With REDS you can list early, test the market by spreading the listing worldwide through social media, video, and other Real Estate Digital Sales ways and means, and have genuine buyer enquiries come to you, as opposed to "seller conditioning - fake buyer" encounters, often employed by broker/agents, designed to bring the price down for a quick sale. Again, costing you thousands when their ploy works! And, let's not forget that they often initially inflate the market value of your property when seeking to list you, and make big promises on how good they are at getting that inflated price, just to get you to sign that binding agreement that glues you to their control mechanisms, and then once you are locked in, BAM! Let the Hunger Games begin!

Real Estate Digital Sales SaaS is coming in early 2018!

Find out more about this and get the REDS info early by clicking here!

There are early adopter opportunities coming up very soon!

Want to start dreaming of REDS too? Just ask.

You know what to do.


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