Real Estate – How-To Market A Real-Estate Listing With Facebook Ads

Real Estate

Real Estate – How-To Market A Real-Estate Listing With Facebook Ads

Real Estate – How-To Market A Real-Estate Listing With Facebook Ads

Real Estate – Few realtors fully utilize a real-estate listing to generate buyer leads. The name of the game is listings and having a listing can allow you to generate buyer leads with all types of social media platforms. Think of it like this:

Real-estate listing = The product

Facebook = The store

People that engage with your Facebook ad = Consumers walking into the store

Overall = You want people to see your listing (Product) on Facebook (Store), become interested, AND CONTACT YOU (Walk into the store).

1. Get pictures of the listing that are visually STUNNING

Facebook is a leisure platform. People are getting on there to waste time and be entertained. In order to capture attention you must have great pictures.

Guess which picture is most likely to be engaged with? If you guessed the second, you would be correct.

2. Go into Canva and create a “Facebook post”. is a FREE platform that allows you to easily create branded “just listed pictures”. There are plenty of templates to choose from, but here is one that I did.

3. Create a nice description


Great Duplex in the Silva Terra subdivision. $5,000 NOI. $170,0000

Advanced Tactics: Direct the traffic to a lead capture page or a funnel that forces them to sign up to see the price!

Are you a cheap skate? Just put a phone number and don’t have a place to click. This will cut down on engagement, but the ads will be very cheap.

3. Select an audience and exclude realtors

Once you get your description and picture sorted out, go into Facebook and begin selecting audiences and MAKE SURE TO EXLUDE OTHER REALTORS. Other realtors will click your ads and spy on you if you don’t.

What exact audience should I target:

  • Over 21+
  • Median salary in comparison to the price range of the house you are selling
  • Buying house is a demographic you can target or local location
  • Set up for retargeting with Google Adwords (Advanced)
  • It varies drastically but there is no exact science to it. Just do your best and you’ll produce some leads

4. Test the ad

There are certain metrics that you can use to test your ad. START CHEAP and continue to increase the price.

  • Is the ad not getting any engagement? Check your photos or make a more compelling description
  • Tweak your demographics. Maybe you aren’t targeting the right audience.
  • CHECK YOUR DM’s. People will message you directly through the Facebook page. Don’t lose out on those leads.

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