Real Estate – Taking the risk out of online real estate marketing

Real Estate

Real Estate – Taking the risk out of online real estate marketing

Real Estate – Taking the risk out of online real estate marketing

By Renold

Real Estate – Ask any Realtor if they would like to increase their earnings and I can bet you none of them would say “no”. However, if you ask the same group if they have invested into online advertising as a way to drive leads to increase revenue, most of them would also say “no” or that it didn’t work for them.

Why is that?

Well it’s not that online advertising doesn’t work. We know it works, because much of our own consumer behaviour has been influenced with online advertising. The sponsored posts we see on Facebook show us brands were weren’t aware before, search engine ads drive us to online stores that have exactly what we’re looking for, the suggested items on Amazon make us buy more than we originally intended to… Online advertising definitely works.

The thing is, online advertising is tricky. It’s not tricky because Google Adwords or Facebook or any other digital advertising channels are hard to get started. It’s tricky because most Realtors don’t have the time, capacity, or training to deploy the optimized advertising campaigns or follow up programs needed to convert those online leads in to actual sales.

Typically this results in a very poor (if any) return with lots of money and time wasted. What’s worse is that it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Realtors who have tried this and are thus unwilling to re-invest.

We’ve seen this time and time again—even with our own customers. In fact only about 16% of our REW’s customers are actively using online advertising. And of those customers, only some have a solid follow up plan that turns leads into sales. The ones that don’t have a follow up plan struggle to create a positive return; not due to the amount of leads generated, but because a follow up plan is the missing link required to turn those leads into actual sales and revenue.

This is why we at Real Estate Webmasters decided to make a better way:

Introducing the Guaranteed ROI Program.

The “Guaranteed ROI Program” provides existing Real Estate Webmasters clients with all the pieces you need to quickly generate and convert your leads into sales. And we’re so confident our program will work, we will guarantee at least a 110% return on your digital investment or we’ll make up the difference.

The Guaranteed ROI Program includes:

  • REW lead generation that will provide a steady stream of incoming leads at an average of at least 1 per day
  • Up to 50 monthly follow up calls by First Call Agent service
  • 1 hour initial lead conversion consultation
  • Monthly performance reporting
    – and of course –
  • uaranteed 110% return on REW investment or REW will pay the difference

Simply put, this program tackles all of the difficult parts of lead generation and lead conversion:

Lead generation

REW’s PPC team will identify people who are interested in real estate in your market, then create, maintain and optimize advertising to entice those peopleto come your REW website and convert into leads.

First Call Agent Service

The First Call Agent Service is designed to verify and validate details as well as start building a relationship for you with that lead. The First Call Agent service will call your leads within 10 minutes of a lead submission and will provide detailed notes regarding that lead directly into your REW CRM. Additionally, the service will email these notes to the assigned agent and will call the assigned agent if it’s discovered that the lead is looking to buy within 30 days.

Lead conversion consultation

What do you do once you get a lead? Well, if you’re like most Realtors, you don’t really have a plan. REW has partnered with to provide you with a 1 hour lead conversion consultation that will provide you with a strategic plan designed to convert those leads into sales.

Monthly reporting

Keep a pulse on how the program is performing. The monthly Guaranteed ROI report will provide you with performance statistics on both lead generation and First Call Agent services.

Guaranteed 110% return

No more risk. If you do your follow up procedures, Real Estate Webmasters will guarantee you a positive ROI or we’ll make up the difference.

We believe the more successful our clients are, the more successful REW becomes. By providing all the pieces you need to generate and follow up on your leads, we are confident you can achieve success with the Guaranteed ROI Program.

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