Real Estate – Four Visualization Techniques To Help You Chase Your Real Estate Business Dreams

Real Estate

Real Estate – Four Visualization Techniques To Help You Chase Your Real Estate Business Dreams

Real Estate – Four Visualization Techniques To Help You Chase Your Real Estate Business Dreams


Post written by Pamela J. Goodwin

Real Estate – How often have you experienced a situation where you kept thinking about something over and over and then seemingly all of a sudden it came to fruition? One time I was thinking about buying a shiny red car for a special birthday year to celebrate being half a century young. Prior to deciding on the color, I would look at cars driving by for inspiration and always see silver, black and white cars. But when I set my heart on the bright, cherry red car, all of a sudden it seemed like every one that caught my eye was red. I’d bet that something like this has happened to you, too.

Have you ever been at the beach, staring at the ocean and started daydreaming and letting your imagination run wild? You start dreaming about pulling up to the office in a fancy car, living by the beach, representing a tenant who wants to open 100 new locations and earning your biggest real estate commission ever. As Walt Disney might say, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  The more you think it, the more you say it out loud, the more you write it down, the more real it becomes.

Visualization is a tool successful people often rely on to help them reach their goals, and I have been using the technique almost my entire life to achieve my dreams. Visualizing what we want is a way to tell our mind what to stay focused on.

Here are four visualization techniques you can use to help you pursue your real estate dreams.

1. Try hypnosis. I recently started listening to hypnosis videos on YouTube every night before I go to sleep. My favorites are “Program Your Billionaire Mind” and Money Flows to You. I used to think this would never work, but I can’t help but believe the business opportunities I have met this year have partly been due to focusing my mind with these videos every night. I recently received a phone call from a company with real estate conferences all over the country and was asked to be on a panel of women in commercial real estate — an opportunity I knew I had to accept, which led to me be a coach teaching video classes. I believe focusing my mind on my dreams through hypnosis has opened me up to meeting the right people at the right time in real estate.

2. Make a vision/dream board. Creating a vision board of images of your dreams can motivate you to turn your dreams into reality. You can search the web for images you want to add to your digital vision board or, if you prefer a physical board, cut out images and words of the things that are most important to you. Add everything you can think of — even if it may sound like a crazy idea or an unreachable goal. Include pictures of how you want to grow your real estate business, your bucket list items, relationship goals, family plans, travels, adventures, your ideal health, possessions you covet, etc.

My vision boards have included pictures of things like a best-selling book about commercial real estate. I also had an image of Barbara Corcoran, the residential guru and Shark Tank investor, who I always wanted to meet. A few years ago, I had a one-on-one meeting with her and she provided the testimonial for my first book. Arranging these inspiring images and then looking at them often helped me stay clear on what I need to do to achieve my dream life.
3. Leave yourself a note. Write your top three goals in the order you want to achieve them, and place it somewhere like your desk or bathroom mirror. Read them out loud to yourself every day, and tell everyone including family and friends about them. Don’t be discouraged if you get some flack — understand the power you have to make your dreams come true. You might write down, “I will close on my first single-tenant building within 12 months from today,” or “I will be making an extra $10,000 a month on retainer fees for consulting services,” or “I will be representing a national retailer in finding 20 new locations per year.” Add your goals to your social media posts. If you own your own company you can add your goals to your website. You may want to even take out an ad in a local paper and start telling the world. The more present and public your goals are, the more likely you are to commit yourself fully to them.

4. Write yourself a check. Jim Carrey told Oprah that in 1985, when he drove his beat-up car up the Hollywood Hills, he wrote himself a $10 million check, post-dated it 10 years and kept it is his wallet. We all know his acting success story and that he could write several large checks today. Take a check and write yourself an amount you want to be making and carry it in your billfold or wallet. I wrote my check out for $20 million. Writing down your dream income from your real estate business helps you establish a financial goal that matches the lifestyle and retirement you want. You may have a dream of creating a new real estate app or selling your company for millions. Make the bet on yourself and you’ll be more likely to steadfastly pursue what you dream.

Athletes and high performers spend time visualizing success. Why shouldn’t you? You just have to trust your mind. Start today and focus on making your dreams come true.

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